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Fresh Hazelnuts: 2018 Crop in stock and ready to ship.

Fresh walnuts: Coming soon, Approximately November, 1st


Schmidt Farm is know for cracking nuts at our store front in McMinnville, Oregon.

During busy times things can get loud, very loud! But its all part of the experience here at Schmidt Farm.

Who knew that Grandpas crazy ideas would turn into something people love to come experience.

Cracking has always been free from charge for customers. 

The Cracking 

Hazelnut cracker: blows approximately half the shells off during the cracking process.

Walnut cracker: Cracks the walnuts and does not blow any shells off. 

All Cracked nuts will have to be hand sorted by the customer after purchase. We do not sell nut meats on their own.


Whole Nuts

Whole Hazelnuts: in Stock

Whole Walnuts: Coming soon.



**We process and fill orders within 3 business days.**

All nuts sold at Schmidt Farm are raw nuts.


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