Watering Device
The watering device is a must at only $2.00 each.  It is very efficient and easy to use. 

I would recommend that you use a two liter pop bottle. 

First remove the cap and the ring from the neck of the bottle. 

Each device is labeled sand, loam, or clay.  Using a ballpoint pen punch two holes at the clay level.  Fill the pop bottle with water and place it into the neck of the watering device. 

Firmly insert the watering device into the top of the pouch. 

The water will slowly be absorbed by the soil, because it is absorbed slowly the soil will retain the water.  It will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes for the bottle to empty. 

We strongly recommend that you purchase a watering device because it saves time, water, and is by far the easiest method of watering next to having a water drip system. 

This simple and inexpensive system will increase the overall health of your plants.

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